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Washing Machines

Washing machines has become one of the essential gadgets in modern day life. It has proved to be a great help with washing clothes in today's era where time and effort has become very expensive! There are many small things which we are not aware of or want to know. So I have tried to compile some basics about washing machines here. Hope this is of some use to you  :) 

Types of Washing Machines

They are categorized into various groups according to the functionality as follows:

By Loading:

  • Front Loading
  • Top loading

Difference between front loading and top loading washing machines:
(Front Loading vs. Top Loading)

  1. Front loading washing machines are heavier than top loading counterparts. Thus top loading machines are easier to move.
  2. Front loading machines cannot be stopped once you start the process, whereas in Top loading machine you can add clothes anytime in between the process.
  3. Front loading machine gives better performance as compared to the Top loading ones.
  4. Front loading machines are also comparatively more efficient in terms of resources, like water and power.
  5. Not necessarily always but usually Top loading machines are cheaper and easier to handle.
  6. Top loading machine is not good for delicate laundry but Front loading can handle them.
  7. Maintenance cost is almost nil in Top loading machines, whereas Front loading machines have maintenance cost, as it has some serviceable parts.
  8. Front loading washing machines takes longer washing time. Thus it consumes more energy as well.

So if you ask which of the two is better, then I would say that it’s all about preferences. The choice has to be optimum based on your priorities of cost, efficiency and performance. 

Summary: Front loading machines are better in performance and efficiency, and its top loading counterparts are cheaper, easier to handle and need less maintenance.

By Function:

  • Semi Automatic
  • Fully Automatic

These two types can be compared as follows:

(Semi automatic vs. fully automatic washing machines)

A semi-automatic, as the name suggests, will involve some manual work. For one thing these are top loading twin tub machines where the washer and the dryer are separate units. So you have the task of loading and unloading a couple of extra times.

A fully automatic, on the other hand, can be either front or top loading and only requires you to load the dirty laundry and unload them after the wash. It goes without saying that a semi-automatic is cheaper than the fully automatic machine.

About Load of Washing Machines:
Generally standard load for washing machines is 5 - 6 Kg, a bit higher loads is becoming standard this days. Also 7+ kg are available in the market, for higher usage i.e for need involving more volume of clothes. Also higher drum size means less creasing of clothes, which in turns means easier ironing.

Required Features in Washing Machines:
Must required:

1. It should have good washing quality in a given price range - Obviously!! :).

2. Not just good looks, but solid build is also very much required. Your machine should be robust for minimum wear and tear.
3. On power or machine failure, you should be able to remove soap water and clothes from the machines for manual washing and drying.
4. While spinning, it should not do be vibrtaing or sliding or moving around. It should be stable at one place.
5. On power failure, it should restart from the point it stopped. (i.e. should have Memory of wash cycle) 


1. Noise made while operation should be minimum.
2. May have an inbuild water heater if you need it. 
3. Water softeners or connector for areas having hard water.
4. Delayed wash (timer for starting at specific time, but for safety never start these kind of home
appliances in your absence).
5. Adjustable volume for alarm/buzzer sound.
6. Child lock for front loaders. A good safety feature.

Companies to look out for:

There are lots of brand for washing machines like LG, Samsung, Whirlpool, Onida, Godrej, Electrolux etc.
But the better machines are from Samsung and LG. Moreover these two companies have a wider presence so you get a better service!

For more comparisons and feedback on various machines available, aslo for prices check CompareIndia:

Choosing a proper location for installation of Washing Machine:

When planning to buy a washing machine, it is quite necessary to choose an appropiate place to install it. The factors to keep in mind are Power Supply, Water Supply and Drainage system. Good and easy access to all these is required.

You can put your questions here and I will try to get more details here :)



  1. Hi I needed some info on SIEMENS Washing Machine.Also which is Better in 5.5 KG Category, SIEMENS Front Load or LG Front load Washing M/c?

  2. Hi Vinay, sorry for a very late reply. I hope you read this reply.
    So about SIEMENS, first thing is I don't have very good information.
    But yes, as my idea is that washing machines from SIEMENS are not very common (I have not seen one yet). So I guess its not one of their specialty. So if you go with a more common brand for a product, you sure get a better service.

  3. Hi Khoria,
    How r u..whats the best washing machine in terms of maintanence,performance,efficiency,cost etc...Kindly tell me the name of the company and the type(front loading or Top loading)..Hope u will suggest me the best one as soon as possible..Expecting ur reply...

    with Regards

  4. Hello,

    I am in the market for my first washing machine. The samsung models have caught my eye, though family is recommending IFB (only cause they have been using it for 16years or so).

    I am afraid that features in Samsung that are making it a choice for me may be nothing more than marketing gimmicks.

    (for samsung machines-)
    Do you have any information on whether 'air dry' in samsung machines is of any practicle use?

    Silver wash a significant addition?

    Or voltage control any thing special?

    Will 5.5 kg be enough to wash bedsheets or should I pick a bigger size?

    Any suggestions would be welocomed!

  5. Hello Mr. Khoria,

    By using washing machine, my only concern is the will the white cloths be cleaned well? How about cuffs and collors, will they get cleaned well? Do we have to wash socks and shirts separately? Thanks in advance for your answers.


  6. Hi Shiv,
    Thanks for your comment.
    I have used both Top and Front loading machines personally. And my experience is that white clothes gets decently cleaned. It depends on the detergent as well. But definitely it does not ruin. About cuffs and collars, they get cleaned to some extent. This is also improving with more advanced machine, coming up. But definitely, its not like brushing with hands. If its much dirty, you may need to do some manual work!
    You can for sure wash socks and shirts together. Why would you want them to be washed separately?

    1. Well i am not satisfied with the lg fully automatic machine top load coz it doesn't clean dirt of socks n school uniforms

  7. Really very useful information for those who are new to washing machines like me.

    -Nithya roopan

    1. Yes, this is a great post to get expert with washing machine.
      For those who are looking for advance washing machine with durable features can go for Panasonic washing machine. It offers almost every type of washing machine with different specification.

  8. Simple collection of useful information. Thanks.


  9. can we wash socks and t-shirts in FA washing machines. Don't they get loose or sagging?

  10. Thanks for the valuable Info Mr Khoria,

    I am stuck at one point on purchasing a washing machine. Its a water pressure.
    I am planning to go for LG front loading washing machine but i heard that it requires ample water pressure.
    Also as i am living in a rented flat i needs to relocate frequently.
    So which fully automatic washing machine will you suggest?
    Also, is there a big difference in wash quality in semi automatic and top loading washing machine?

  11. Hey Anuj.
    As far as I know, water pressure has definitely some impact on the modern washing machines. But this is a side affect of some safety feature. I don't this has anything to do with front loading or top loading.
    Read this article for more on water pressure with washing machine:

  12. Hello Mr Khoria,

    I want to personally thnx you for taking this much pain to write abt this non-general, but very imp issue. Normally, anybody who's looking for info on purchasing washing machine will definetly like ur post. This is very concise, very practical and very helpful...keep up the good work...!!!

  13. does any of the automatic washing machine ,dry clothes completely in drying cycle

  14. whats best washing machine in terms of cost& maintenance.

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  16. Hello Mr Khoria...

    Your article is quite of use... we still have few concerns as we are thinking to shift from a semi automatic machine to a fully automatic one due to time constraints and manual completion of washing clothes. My queries are:
    Can a fully auomatic machine be used just for spinning clothes which we have hand washed (coz of colour and being delicate)
    Can I be able to just rinse clothes with water may be after hand washing?
    Can I add or remove clothes in between process coz certain clothes need to be washed for long and few for short time?
    Can I wash few clothes may be two or three (will it be too expensive water, soap and electricity wise)?
    Hope to here from you soon... thanks in advance.

  17. Hey thanks for you feedback. Comments on your questions -
    Can a fully auomatic machine be used just for spinning clothes which we have hand washed (coz of colour and being delicate) - Yes (it has options for rinse and spin)
    Can I be able to just rinse clothes with water may be after hand washing? - Same as above
    Can I add or remove clothes in between process coz certain clothes need to be washed for long and few for short time? - This has nothing to do with fully or semi. You can add stop and open in case of top loading but not in case of front loading.
    Can I wash few clothes may be two or three (will it be too expensive water, soap and electricity wise)? - Yes it will be not very efficient, but it is possible to wash any number of clothes

  18. Not sure why u have not included IFB in this list.My observation is with IFB frontload,u donot need to clean Collars etc separately

  19. hi,

    your Washing Machines article in very good.

    Thanks for sharing.

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  21. Hi VKhoria,
    First, wishing you & your family a very happy and prosperous new year 2012.

    And thanks for sharing your quite good views on WMs. I would like to know about the Rorating Methods adopted in LG & Samsung. I heard that other WM's drums are are driven by a separate motor with pulley whereas LG has a direct drive mechanism (without pulley).

    Request, if you could please throw some light on that.


  22. Hey,
    "Washing machines has become one of the essential gadgets in modern day life." really its truth.Because todays young youth doesnt kept extra work-load due that reason the youth wants to washing mashine. Nice content adding in the blog. Nice job & keep it up.

  23. hey
    i want to know that fully automatic machines consumes more water as compare by semi. how

  24. Any reason why IFB was not included in the list? Are you selling LB brand here?

  25. sir
    i want to purchase fully automatic washing machine in a budget of 15000,please tell me which is the best machine in the market?please reply me as early as possible

  26. Can you tell how much water both machines use on average in one wash cycle ? like how many times does it load water to max point during a single wash ?

  27. Thanks to post this great article here.I bookmark your blog for next time visit.

  28. hi i don't have a continues water supply in my home, is it possible to manually fill/pour the water into the washing machine both front and top loading fully automatic.

    1. i have the same problem. and i have a fully automatic machine. does it work by filling the tub. how did you solve it?

  29. Hi sir,
    You told that "Front loading machines cannot be stopped once you start the process".
    But i am useing IFB Front loading machines, we can add any time by switch off main power button by 30 second, the door will unlock.

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  31. good one !!
    I also bought a fully automatic washing machine and it is perfect in its features.

  32. Pros and cons are correctly differed. I am using VIdeocon direct drive top loading. its 7kg. using since 1 year. As said above no maintenance cost But I personally feel 5.5 Kg is of no use or need to run multiple times in the same day.

  33. Hey I bought anew new samsung FL WS recently installer says low water pressure gives error and cannot run the machine !!! Please give me suggestions as to how we can make it work .

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  39. That front loading machines cannot be opened to add more clothes in between a wash is incorrect. IFB front loading machine has facility to open in bergen wash to add more clothes...

  40. That front loading machines cannot be opened to add more clothes in between a wash is incorrect. IFB front loading machine has facility to open in bergen wash to add more clothes...

  41. This is very nice information about washing machine good work!

  42. I want to know that how much water is used by a 5.5kg front loading IFB washing machine during only washing cycle i.e. if someone recommend to add 1 gram per litre of detergent to add then how to calculate the total amount of detergent for the washing process. plz. help me out from this actually i am very confused about this ....

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